Portchester Pétanque Club

Golden Balls OKA Daphne,Gordon and Allan receive their prizes


A small group of members travelled to the Isle of Wight to take part in the Pétanque Festival at Robin Hill.  The annual festival is organised by Isle of Wight Tours on behalf of Pétanque England. We left home on Friday 12th October and were picked up by coach at Portchester to take the car ferry to Fishbourne.  Our hotel, Ocean View, Shanklin was very comfortable with good food and of course good company.  On Saturday we awoke to beautiful sunshine and were taken by coach from our hotel to Robin Hill Country Park, renowned for it's Festival of Light.  A terrain had been especially laid in the upper car park.  The surface was certainly not what we are used to!  Saturday was the day of the triples competitions and we entered four teams:  Puma Sandwich (Wendy, Trudy and Nick) Sadly one of the penquins had to be substituted so Joy from Worthing was coopted into the team to replace Trudy who was injured.Golden Balls (Daphne, Gordon and Allan), Mission Impossible (Barbara, Bill and John) and Three Quizzers (Mavis, Vida and Mike.  Success came to Golden Balls who won the Bronze Plate.  Sunday was a very different story because the terrain was waterlogged.  In spite of the difficulties it was a lovely weekend and we will probably participate next year.

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