Portchester Pétanque Club

28th October .   Secretarys’ Cup 

The Secretarys’ Cup is an Annual Contest made up of teams from each Club’s Committee within the Southern Region. This year it was held at Arundel Pétanque Club and 21 Teams entered. All teams consisted of 3 players and provided an ideal opportunity to pit skills against players that were old adversaries or new to each other!

Portchester has done well in this competition recently winning the Plate Competition last year. This year the team, a different Puma Sandwichconsisting of  Trudy, Mike Powlesland and Nick were out to do better and started by winning 2 out of 3  in the morning session qualifying for, and high enough, to be in the Main Competition in the afternoon.

For those of you who are not aware, by losing the first game in the main competition you then go into the Main Consolage. This is what happened and meant that we had 2 games to play to win that part of the competition.  We won the first and were in the final to play the final against a very strong team from Cobbetts. The result was very close, but we lost 13 – 11.

Overall this meant that Portchester finished 6th in the overall result. This is higher than the Plate Competition last year which started with those finishing above 9th .

Overall, then better than last year. A good result overall.  The team should be congratulated when you consider most of the other players came from much higher leagues, or, in a number of cases, players who represent the Region in National Competitions.

We played in pretty cold weather from 10am through to around 5pm but the success made it worthwhile.

Nick, Mike and Trudy

Women in Pétanque

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Worthing Pétanque Open Triples
6 players from the club travelled to Worthing on Sunday 30 September to compete in this event. Nick, Wendy and Trudy and Sheila, Alison and Mike. Nick, Wendy and Trudy (known as Puma Sandwich) won Silver.

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