Portchester Pétanque Club

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Portchester Pétanque Club is affiliated to the Southern Counties region of the English Pétanque Association.  To play in a league team or at some club terrains, participants need to be EPA Licenced.  Follow the links below for more details.

We field two teams,  The Panthers who are in division 3 and The Penquins who are in division 4

Portchester Pumas are captained by Nick Hall

Portchester Penquins are captained by Mike Powlesland 


Almost the end of the season and these are the positions at time of going to pree.  Pumas are top of their league and are likely to be promoted but Penquins have not done so well this season.  With one game in hand they are currently lanquishing at the bottom

Latest League Positions  September 2019

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