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Portchester Pétanque Club is affiliated to the Southern Counties region of the English Pétanque Association.  To play in a league team or at some club terrains, participants need to be EPA Licenced.  Follow the links below for more details.

We field two teams,  The Panthers who are in division 3 and The Penquins who are in division 4


Hi all.  First game of the year.  After all the bad weather we had our first league game away at Muscliffe Park.  The Gods were with us, rain stopped, a bit cool but OK.  Muscliffe Park are a very friendly team.  At the end of the night Penquins won 4-1.  My thanks to all who played.  Well done.  

Next league against Portchester Pumas, 19th April. 7.30pm.  Why not come and watch?

Mike, Capt Penquins

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Portchester Pumas are captained by Nick Hall

Portchester Penquins are captained by Mike Powlesland 

Captains news

Well it's that time of year and the weather's getting better.  Our first game of the year is what we call the grudge match, Penquins v Pumas.   The friendly match is on Thursday 22nd Feb at 7.30pm.  Come along and support.   I will update with results as time goes by.

We are always looking for any players to join the Penquins, if interested do contact me. You will need to be EPA regesterd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mike Powlesland

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